From Van to Sanliurfa 6-day tour

Day 1: We leave Van at 9 am and travel to the foot of Süphan mountain, stopping at Muradiye waterfalls. We spend the night at Bostepe (~2500 m).

 Day 2: The climb of Mt Süphan starts at 5am, reaching the peak (4050 m) by 9am. After having returned to the campsite, we continue our journey around Lake Van. We stop by at the well-preserved seljuk cemetery in Ahlat, then head for the crater lakes of Mt Nemrut. The campsite is at the hot springs – you can relax your muscles there after the day s hike. You can enjoy the enchanting views in the gentle evening and early morning lights, providing an excellent photo opportunity as well. 

Day 3: We start with a short climb to the ridge of the crater to watch the sun rise. After breakfast we return to Tatvan. Leaving Lake Van, we are heading south to Hassankeyf. We visit the Kale, the cave dwellings and you can enjoy the panoramic views from the site. The 3rd night is spent in a small hotel overlooking the Tigris river. Staying there overnight is a must for photographers. 

Day 4: Continuing further south, we reach Midyat. After a walk in the old city, we are heading for Beyaz Su, a popular local picnic area along a crystal clean and ice-cold river. Stopping there for lunch, you can enjoy the local speciality: roast trout. Following lunch, we travel along the Syrian border to reach Dara – a hidden jewel of late Roman, Byzantine ruins. From Dara we reach Mardin. After a stroll in the old streets you can enjoy a quiet tea and nargile in a tea garden overlooking the Mezopotamian planes. 

Day 5: We visit the Saffron Monastery (Deyrul Zafaran) – one of the centres of the Syrian Orthodox Church. We return to Mardin to visit the Sultan Isa Medresesi, the Ulu cami and the Kirklar Kilisesi, a still active church. After lunch, we leave for Sanliurfa and spend the night there in an atmospheric traditional house turned into a hotel. 

Day 6: In the morning, we visit Harran s beehive houses, the Kale and the ruins of the first islamic university. In the afternoon we return to Sanliurfa to visit the islamic monuments of the old city and you can relax with a tea in the park or the nicely renovated Gümrük Hani – a quiet island in the hubbub of the bustling bazaar.

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